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Best Composting Worms

Squirm of Red Wiggler composting worms

The best composting worms are Red Wigglers (AKA red worms) and European Nightcrawlers. The most popular are Red Wigglers because they are smaller, which means you can house more of them, they eat more and reproduce more, and live longer.

European Nightcrawlers are their larger cousin. They are a good compost and bait worm. Their popularity as a bait worm also makes them more expensive.

In my worm farm, I have 3 bins of Red Wigglers and 1 bin of European Nightcrawlers. I enjoy fishing in the summer so it makes it so easy to grab some bait and go.

There are many advantages of both worms, which are:

Benefits of Red Wiggler VS European Nightcrawler

There are many places online to purchase your composting worms; however, winter weather may limit some shipping.

Red Wigglers can be purchased locally in the Omaha and Lincoln area at the following stores for around $35-40/ pound.


8949 J St, Omaha, NE 68127



3211 NW 39 Street, Lincoln, NE 68524


If you are considering starting your own worm farm or currently have one, I would love to hear from you!


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