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Green Business & Investing

Business are big business! 

Green Business & Investing

Money is power.  Invest in a better future by aligning your business and investment practices with your values. You'll find many financial advisors who claim to be "green", but only you can determine whether they're green enough for you. 

Doing Green Business

Verdis Group Help your business save money and the planet

Business Recycling

Hillside Solutions Helps organizations meet their sustainability goals with Zero Waste hauling services & education

Second Nature Public Recycling Recycling solutions for small and large businesses and municipalities

Soil Dynamics Sandbag disposal & recycling

Soil Dynamics Downtown compost & dump site for wood, yard, dirt, sod, soil, concrete, pallets, chips

Soil Dynamics Services & bulky recycling, wood grinding, soil screening, composting

WasteCap Nebraska Business Services Waste reduction and recycling services

Running a Green Business

Green Investing

The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investing Leverage your private capital for public good

NuWire Investor Resource for how to make alternative investments

Omaha Gives Give to charities and nonprofits

Raised Free Investment Group Creates partnerships between investors & farmer-owned sustainable food brands

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