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How do we get where we need to go? What effect does our transportation choice have on the planet? Can we do better and maintain balance in our life at the same time? 


Bike Omaha Blog Spot

Ride Share

Metro Ride Share In town

Uber In town

Omaha/Lincoln Commutes City to city

Ridester Long distance travel share

Carpool World Long distance travel share

Transportation Activism & Education

Mode Shift Omaha Advocate for improved transportation options in Omaha

The Bike Union Mentoring Project Bike shop & coffeehouse, train youth aging out of foster care

Community Bike Project  Provide bikes to those less fortunate, train in bike repair

EVWorld Electric vehicle blog based in Omaha

Nebraska Bicycling Alliance Cultivate a safer, more bicycle friendly Nebraska 

Omaha Bikes Promote improved transportation, utility, and recreational bicycling 

Omaha Peddlers Bicycle Club Promote cycling in our community 

Transportation Activism & Education
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