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Jump Start Your Spring Tomato Plants

Tomato cutting fresh from the garden, ready to start rooting

One of the fastest ways to get ahead of Spring tomato planting is taking cuttings and growing them inside over the winter.

Using a sharp knife, cut the healthiest new growth stalks or suckers. Make sure the suckers are at least 6” in length. Trim away all the lower leaves & branches except two at the top and put them in warm water.

Expect some wilting and keep them out of direct sunlight for a few days until they’ve adjusted to their new environment. Once the leaves start looking good again, they can go back into the sunlight. Change the water every few days with warm water and watch for roots to start around 7 days. Replant in dirt once there are roots and watch them grow!

Tomato cuttings in a vase of warm water - ready to root

Next year, consider taking cuttings around June to extend your growing season through the winter and continue your harvest inside.

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