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Repurposed Cat Things

We love to repurpose and we love our cat. My kids pretty much made these things on their own. Lauren found the cat bed idea on Pinterest and the sweater at a thrift store. Here's the link she used as a template to make the sweater into a bed. No cutting or sewing machine, just an embroidery needle and cotton yarn to close the holes, and fabric scraps and mattress pad pieces in the sleeves and bottom for cushion. Teeko wanted nothing to do with the bed until he was left to make his very own decision about whether to climb in, which he did.

Jake put together some wood pieces from the garage to make the scratch post. He measured and cut carpet remnants to staple onto the post. I hot-glued the edges of the carpet so little carpet threads wouldn't be all over the floor for the life of the scratch post. Total spent: $4.00. Teeko loves his new things and we had a great time!

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