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Planting Seeds of Resistance to Stop the Keystone XL

We were there! Wow! What a beautiful experience to help plant sacred seeds of resistance with more than a hundred other lovely people to protect the land, water, and people from the Keystone XL pipeline. Ponca tribe members spoke and led us all in blessing the seeds and the land. Some planted oak trees to stand tall and strong in the path of the pipeline.

The pipeline serves big money corporations, not people. Hundreds of landowners, Native Americans, and other Earth protectors have been fighting the efforts to unlawfully desecrate the land in the path of the proposed Keystone pipeline.

This land is the religion of Native Americans. Digging it up is desecration of what is sacred. We need to support one another, not take what we want from whomever we want for financial gain.

The question is not "Will the pipeline leak?". The question is "When will it leak?". And when it does, the soil becomes infertile and our indispensible Ogalala aquifer becomes contaminated. Where would we get clean water? It's very difficult if not impossible to clean.

The good news? We are witnessing the unification of cultures and individuals. We The People are standing together in solidarity, protecting each other, what is sacred, and something essential to life itself: clean water.

I often wonder if tough times and circumstances are in our lives so we can band together to build one another up and to grow as individuals. I'm grateful to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves, so full of purpose.

We'll be there for harvest in October, too!

Please, if you care about this issue, write to the Nebraska Public Service Commission to share your views. This dangerous pipeline can be stopped if enough of us are heard. Let's get LOUD! For instructions on how to write the letter, lots more information, the news story, and photos check out Bold Nebraska's webpage.

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