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Soil Health

Building healthy soil provides HOPE for our future. 

The biggest threat to our planet is the overabundance of carbon in the atmosphere. We count on healthy soil to put the carbon back in the ground where it belongs, allowing the earth to return to a healthy state of balance. 


Healthy soil holds together so it doesn't get washed and blown away.  It holds water, taking it down to underground aquifers where it is stored safely and provides us with a constant source of clean water.  Living organisms in healthy soil provide minerals and nutrients to plants so the plants are healthy and our food is nutritious.  Healthy plants don't require chemical fertilizers and are able to naturally fend off insects and disease. The solution is

in the soil!

Naturalist School  Teaching people to become better naturalists through science and the humanities

Omaha Permaculture Foster community through sustainable land stewardship 

RegeNErate Nebraska Farmers & citizens improving local control over food production & distribution

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