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Bedding and Food For Your Worm Bin

Covering food in worm bin with paper coffee cup

The bedding for your indoor worm bin typically consists of shredded paper and cardboard. It’s a perfect opportunity to recycle discarded copy paper, newspaper, egg cartons, brown grocery bags and junk mail. Stay away from shiny paper and cardboard along with the plastic windows from business envelopes.

What to feed Your Red Wigglers Vegetables, fruits, tea bags (minus the staple), egg shells

Food that heats up the bin

Pasta, rice and coffee grounds. They can be added in smaller quantities and in moderation can help warm the bin in the winter. Free grounds can be obtained from Starbucks.

Foods to add in moderation: Salty food, citrus, oils

Peanut butter container in the worm bin for the worms to consume

Foods to Avoid Meat, dairy

Food Size Matters Worms consume bedding and food faster the smaller it is because they don’t have teeth. They consume the bacteria off the organic material. Bedding can either be torn down or put thru a home shredder that takes at least 12 sheets or more. Be sure to try it out first to make sure your shredder can handle it.

Blenders, food processors and even freezing food will help break down worm food for faster consumption which means more vermicompost for you in your Omaha garden. Freezing food also helps eliminate fruit flies in the bin.

A whole tomato was added to the bin and covered with the paper coffee cup.  Based on the number of worms inside the cup, they liked it.

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