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Winter Garden Update

Tomato plant cuttings in the winter garden

I haven't killed my winter garden yet! YEA!!! The cuttings soaked in water did root and have been planted together in one pot now for several weeks. Many of them have grown pretty tall so I will be transplanting them into their own pots very soon.

The new grow light we purchased took a little getting used to and as a result, burned up a few of the plants. I think we have the hang of it now and seem to be doing much better. Some of the cutting didn't survive this but as you can see, I should have more than enough tomato plants. Looks like we also killed off the Bougainvillea plant that I thought we could winter over in the garden. Hopefully it's just hibernating.

I'm pretty excited about this picture! Hoping this is the first of many flowers.

Flowering tomato plants in the winter garden


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