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We Have Tomatoes!!!

Winter Garden Tomatoes!

Our winter garden has been a challenge. We upgraded to a very good light and it's been difficult figuring out how close the plants can be to the light. The swiss chard and cactus don't seem to be happy anywhere in the garden. The tomato plants have done fairly well. If I had done a better job with more consistent watering, the results would have been better.

That said, I am very pleased with the results. Of the 8 tomato plant cuttings I began with, they've been narrowed down to 4 very good plants. One of the plants grow to over six feet tall and had to be cut back. It is one of the plants with a baby tomato on the vine.

While I would love to have a huge harvest of tomatoes in the next few months, I really do hope I'll be able to get the plants transported into the backyard come May. A lot of growth can happen in the next three months.

I'll keep you posted!

3 of the 4 tomatoe plants and swiss chard

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