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Harvesting Sacred Corn

How beautiful to experience the gathering of passionate and dedicated protectors of the foundation of life. Everyone present that day inherently understands the impact of the Keystone XL pipeline on our precious water and Earth, and on the animals, plants and people affected by this monumental decision.

Photo credit: Alex Matzke

Sacred Ponca corn was harvested on November 4th, corn that was grown on this land for many generations until the Ponca walked the Trail of Tears when they were forced off this land 137 years ago.

The unlikely alliance of "cowboys and indians", made up of farmers, ranchers, native tribal members, city-dwellers, activists, politicians and children, did their part to continue the circle of life that day.

The harvest was less than bountiful due to the drought this past summer, but spirits were strong and uplifted as everyone present basked in the energy of love for life, being among others with a shared vision and purpose.

The corn harvested was plenty to provide seeds of resistance for years to come. Water protectors continue to fight with hope and warrior spirit, to gently and fiercely protect life itself.

* Thank you to Alex Matzke for the beautiful photos.

Want more?

For more photos of the harvest, visit Bold Nebraska's Facebook page.

What's happening now with the pipeline? Check out Bold's website.

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