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Plant Spring Lettuce Now

Three summers ago, I attempted to grow lettuce from seed in a pot outside. You guessed it. It failed miserably. So I just put the pot aside and left it.

At the end of that summer, I emptied the dirt from that pot in an empty landscaping bed that needed a little more dirt. Imagine my surprise when Spring came and I had a lovely patch of lettuce growing ready to eat!

It was the easiest way to grow lettuce. Once it was big enough to start eating, I transplanted it into four other pots and enjoyed lettuce all summer.

So now, each Fall, I take 2 packets of lettuce seeds and put it in an empty landscaping bed and lightly cover it with a little dirt.

Here’s all I do:

Lettuce & Gardening Tool

Landscaped Bed to Plant Seeds In

Covered tilled dirt with lettuce seeds and cardboard for the winter

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