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The Accidental Worm Farmer

Hello! My name is Connie Betz and I’m really excited to get to know you and be a part of Earth Omaha. A little about me - I’m born and raised in Omaha and the hubby and I have 3 elderly rescue dogs. I'm blessed that he loves to recycle, re purpose and reuse as much as I do.

Worm bin with fresh bedding & egg shells

I would describe myself as an accidental worm farmer. My love of home grown tomatoes is why I garden. Since I struggle to see the difference between under and over watering, we began composting so the plants would have a reason to live through my gardening attempts.

A year after beginning the outdoor compost bin & with no finished compost, I searched for a new way to compost. A week later, one pound of Red Wiggler Worms arrived in the mail - much to the dismay of my husband.

Turns out vermicomposting is fun, interesting, addictive, simple, and with four 14-gallon bins of worms, we produce more than enough to support our summer garden.

Some of my other interests are soap making, indoor gardening, bicycling, photography and geeking on the computer. Right now, my winter project is working our inside garden and preparing our rain grow gutter system for Spring. Once the snow clears, we will start putting rain barrels on the gutters and see if that will work with rain chains.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and I'd love to hear about your winter projects & interests.



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