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Got Worms?

There are lots of ways to keep worms as "pets" to turn your kitchen produce scraps into nutrient dense compost that's like medicine to plants. I have a bin that goes indoors in the winter and stays outside in the summer. It's very simple, and quite miraculous to watch fruit and vegetable scraps that might otherwise be thrown away get transformed into fertilizer that helps plants thrive.

If you're interested in keeping worms, you can set yourself up with containers found online or keep posted for tomorrows posting of an article by Chris Peters of the Omaha World Herald that describes how to make an oh-so-simple bin like what I have. I don't have holes in the bottom of mine anymore, though, because I got tired of the mess, especially inside. You just have to watch the moisture level, as the worms can't be too wet or too dry.

The worms themselves can be acquired by messaging myself, Dr. D at Benson Plant Rescue, or online.

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